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The La Crosse community has long had the reputation for environmental awareness and safeguarding, whether it’s the blufflands preservation efforts by the Mississippi Valley Conservancy or the organic foods offered by the People’s Food Cooperative, La Crosse is focused on preserving and enhancing its natural resources. During the past year, substantial efforts have been made to raise the community’s awareness and understanding of sustainability and The Natural Step framework. These include community presentations by sustainability experts and the Coulee Partners for Sustainability study circles, which have been used in many communities to learn more about The Natural Step and how we as individuals and as a community can apply the four principle objectives in our daily lives.

There are a number of groups and organizations focused on preserving and enhancing our natural environment including three institutions of higher learning and local groups in the Coulee Region. These include: What you can do at home to conserve energy and reduce your impact on the environment:

Construction of a playground at Crowley Park could yield the most sustainable playground in the state. Bid specs required strict environmental standards in all aspects of production and a copy of Landscape Structures’ environmental policies for evaluation. The park will also feature a rain garden.

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