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Climate change impacts in the La Crosse area
In 2012, the Sustainable La Crosse Commission held a workshop on climate change with La Crosse area government staff and community leaders. Attendees learned about climate science and how climate change will likely impact the La Crosse area.
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Following the workshop, attendees determined ways to help adjust to climate change locally.
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Sustainable La Crosse Commission
Sustainability Indicators Report
May 26, 2012

Prepared by:
Sustainable La Crosse Commissin Baseline Subcommittee

Minutes and Agendas
This link will take you to the La Crosse County main website where the current and archived Joint Committee on Sustainability Meeting Minutes and Agendas are located.

Black River Beach Community Center
- project in progress with geo-thermal heating, solar water heat, and natural lighting.

Conversion Updates
Conversion to green roll towel, toilet paper and soap in all City restroom facilities - 100% compliance. These products all qualify for LEED certification.

In June, the City of La Crosse began accepting plastics #1 and #2 for recycling.

Council Chambers
- replaced the voting and sound systems equipment reducing energy consumption on these systems by approximately 50%.

La Crosse Waters
Introducing the new La Crosse Waters website. Beautiful site with a wealth of information about our area.

Law Enforcement Center (LEC) Solar Hot Water Project
The LEC is located at 333 Vine Street, La Crosse, WI. This project will provide great benefits to the County - not only in offsetting the cost and fuel used in heating the large daily amount of hot water used at the center, but also in allowing us to better educate the public about solar hot water and its benefits. The system will offset the use of over 304.6 million BTUs of fossil fuel that would normally be used to heat water. This is based on around 3,130 gallons of hot water used per day at the LEC. Typical uses of hot water at the LEC are cleaning, showers for the prisoners, cooking, and laundry, to name a few.

Lakeview Health Center Solar Hot Water Project
Located at 902 E. Garland Street, West Salem, WI. The system we hope to install will offset over 1,665 therms of natural gas a day, based on a use of over 1000 gallons of hot water.

Conversion of Rotary Lights from Incandescent to LED
Rotary Lights is an annual project that puts around 2,600,000 lights in Riverside Park in downtown La Crosse during the holiday season. The expected annual savings would be approximately 105,500 KWH resulting in a savings of around $7,000-$10,000 per year.

Solid Waste Services
La Crosse County, along with the cities of La Crosse and Onalaska, has launched a study of solid waste services in the metro area. Results of the study, will be presented as options to the two units of government. Input from citizens, officials and other interested parties—including those in the towns served by the Disposal System—will be solicited.

Community Supported Agriculture
CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farms provide weekly distributions of sustainably grown produce and much more to households who join for the season. You’ll experience a bounty of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits while directly supporting sustainable agriculture and your local food system.
Click here for a listing of the CSA’s available in the La Crosse area.

Community Car Sharing
“The City of La Crosse is currently analyzing the feasibility and applicability of a community car sharing program for Downtown La Crosse and the university housing area. Click here for more information about the car sharing concept.”

Bicycle Friendly Community
In 2007 the League of American Bicyclists named the City of La Crosse a Bronze level “Bicycle Friendly Community.” The League of American Bicyclists look at a communities commitment to bicycling by reviewing bicycle accommodations, master plans, educational programs, and events like “Bike to Work Week,” to name a few. Click here for more information about bicycling.

Transportation and Transit
Transit rider ship is approximately 1,043,403 trips annually. This is a 10.8% increase since 2004. The City has constructed a new mixed use transit center known as the Grand River Station. The new center is located at 3rd and Jay Streets in Downtown La Crosse and includes retail space and 82 housing units. Grand opening was August 25, 2010. Click here for more information.

Country Home
The City of La Crosse was recognized in the April 2008 edition of Country Home magazine as the “12th best green city in the United States!” The rankings looked at air and water quality, mass transit use, farmers markets, and organic groceries. This ranking was two spots higher than in 2007, when La Crosse ranked at the 13th best overall green city. Click here to visit the Country Home website.

Gathering Waters Conservatory
In 2006 the Gathering Waters Conservancy named the City of La Crosse as the “Policy Maker of the Year” for the Bluffland Protection program. The City, in partnership with the Mississippi Valley Conservancy, has preserved more than 800 acres of blufflands. The City’s goal is to preserve the blufflands immediately adjacent to the City’s eastern border along its entire length. Click here for more information.

On April 24th, 2008 Terry Gips spoke at the La Crosse County Collaboration conference at the La Crosse Center. Please click here to view Terry’s presentation on The Natural Step framework and energy conservation.

The Household Hazardous Materials Facility and the La Crosse County Solid Waste Department’s program for collecting and disposing of unused medication won the Lloyd D. Gladfelter Award. This program helps keep harmful medications from harming the environment.

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